2017 Tucson Pinball City Championships

The Tucson Pinball City Championships are the culmination of a year of reoccurring events put on by Tucson Pinball.  Points earned from these regularly occurring events will contribute to a player’s overall point count.  The players ranked in the top 12 (green) at the end of the year will have earned a spot in the City Championships.  These top 12 players will each receive a shirt commemorating placing in the top 12 in the city over the course of the year.  The top 4 players will be awarded trophies.  Only 12 shirts will be made for the players who qualify, there will be no waiting list if one or more of the players cannot participate.


The format for the Championships is influenced from a combination of formats commonly referred to as PAPA style format and Pinburgh style.  The PAPA style finals influence is where the players are put into a 4-player group for a round and the bottom two drop off and the top two move on to the next round.  The Pinburgh style is where a 4-player group plays a 4-machine bank.  The player with the top score on a machine will get 3 points, second place gets 2 points, third gets 1 point, and fourth gets zero points.  The points are added up for that 4-player bank and the top 2 players will move on.  The highest score a player can get in a single round is 12 points.


The players ranked in the top 4 at the end of 2017 will be awarded a bye in the first round.  The first two groups will be ranks 5/7/9/11 and 6/8/10/12.  The highest ranked player in the group will get to pick which bank they will play AND will get first pick of the order for the first game.  The following games will have the top finisher from the previous game getting first pick and so on.  After the first round, players 1/3 and 2/4 will join the remaining players from the odd and even groups, respectively, for the following round.  The groups will combine after the second round for the final four.   A player may pick a bank once for the event.


Of the machines available at the event there will be several “banks”.  A single machine may be in more than one bank.  There will be a minimum of 4 banks.  There will be one backup machine if possible.  Banks will be formed using machines from the widest variety possible, as in there will be no banks of 4 DMD machines and there will be no banks of 4 solid state machines.


Event reminders are posted to Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/tucsonpinballllc/

City Championships Flyer

Stretch Goals:

Sponsorship for the event is welcome.  Any sponsorship will go towards shirts, trophies, and a cash purse.

The Finals will be streamed on Twitch and archived on YouTube.