Tucson Pinball would like to team up with your group to help you raise funds. A pinball tournament is a great way to have fun while supporting your group.

WHERE: Tucson Pinball’s main location is inside the Tucson Indoor Sport Center (TISC) at 1065 W Grant Road. We have 8 machines (minimum) to be able to support a tournament of up to 32 players. Food and drinks are available at the bar.

WHEN: Any time TISC is open long enough to complete the full event. Starting mid-day on a weekend day is preferred. In order to have time to spread the word about the event, we will require 30 days notice for the event. Once a date and time are determined, a Facebook event will be created to help promote the event and show the player list.

WHO: Anyone is able to play in the event. If you’ve never played before, we will show you how before everything gets started. If you can reach the flipper buttons, you are ready to play.  There will be a Facebook event set up for the tournament.  That event will have a list of registered players and if needed, a waiting list.  If you would like to participate, you must say so (not just click “I’m going”) and it’s a good idea to make sure you are on the list.

HOW: There are lots of formats for running a tournament. The format we will be using is commonly called “3-strikes”. If there are 32 players, there will be 8 groups. 4 players each. Each group will be assigned a game and a playing order. The game is played and scores are taken down. The players who finished that game with the 3rd or 4th place score will get a strike. New groups will be made and another game is played. Once a player has 3 strikes, they are eliminated. When there are only two players remaining overall, the second place player will get a strike. will be used to run the event.  A player will be able to check their status at any time with a publicly displayed monitor or on their personal electronics.

AWARDS: Awards will be presented to 1st/2nd/3rd place overall. There will also be awards for 1st/2nd/3rd from the fundraising group participants, so everyone is playing for a prize.

BENEFIT: 100% of the entry fees will be given to the fundraising group. The suggested entry is $10, so that’s $320 for the fundraising group from a fun event. The total cost to enter the event and play the machines will be around $15 per player.

CONTACT: Any questions can be sent to

A single page PDF is linked below this line.  It doesn’t have all of the information on this page, but has most of it.  If there is are further questions, Wayne will be able to help.



Q1: What if I’ve never played pinball?

A1: Great!  “Regulars” will likely be more than happy to talk to you about any questions you have, even if it’s just how to start a game, plunge the ball, and use the flippers.  The only time players probably will not want to talk is while they are playing in a tournament.

Q2: Are participants from the fundraising group playing against the experienced players?

A2: Yes and no.  It’s one group of players.  The overall results will be from the whole group, but there are awards for the overall top 3 finishers, but also the top 3 finishers from the fundraising group.